2017 Ford F-150’s Best-in-Class Towing Comes With Ease of Use!

The 2017 model year is only the second since the F-150 was rebuilt, but it’s still racking up the best-in-class titles. This year, the addition of a new twin-turbo V6 and ten-speed automatic has enabled America’s favorite half-tonner to net class-leading nods for torque and max towing. But even with a 470 lb-ft twist rating and 12,200 lbs. towing, you still need tech to manage it all.

Ford has your back, there. They’re all about “owning work,” after all, and with features like Pro Trailer Back Up Assist, you’ve got the tools you need to do it. This system works by letting you guide a trailer in reverse using a knob on the center console. Once you’re hitched up, a productivity screen on your instrument cluster will reveal whether the trailer is hitched and locked, the landing gear is up, and overall towing status.

But that’s just one of many ways that the 2017 F-150 makes “tough” more practical than ever before. To learn more about this pickup’s available features, drop our Ford dealership in Canton, NC a line. We’d be happy to schedule you for a test drive.

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