Inspect Your Brakes Regularly to Prevent Expensive Problems

Having your brakes checked regularly can help prevent a serious accident in the future. Your brake system is the most critical safety feature that your car has. The friction between a rotor and the pads are what will eventually stop your car, and over time the pads will wear thin and become less effective. All it takes to check your brake pads is to have our Ford-trained technicians inspect them when you come in for your routine tire rotation.

If they are worn too thin, it's time for you to get them changed. If you hear a squeal or screeching sound, that could be an indicator your brake pads need to be replaced. A harsh grinding sound is also an indicator that your brake pads are completely worn, creating a safety concern. If you hear this noise, get your brake pads checked ASAP to prevent damaging your rotors or causing harm to those on the road with you. Our team is ready to help, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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