Where the Gunk Goes When Your Fuel System Is Cleaned

When fuel system cleaners were first used in the 1970s, filters clogged while cars were driving down the road. So, fuel system cleaners got a bad name. Indeed, competing small oil companies used the reputation of early fuel system cleaners against each other, saying that the other guy’s cleaner caused filter clogging. Modern fuel cleaners do not clog filters.

Fuel system cleaners absorb water and acids while they dissolve contaminants into molecule-sized pieces that easily pass through fuel line filters. These contaminants are suspended in the fuel and flow along into the combustion chamber where they are burned with the fuel. Any remaining elements move into the catalytic converter to be processed before emerging as inert gas from the tailpipe.

Our service center at Ken Wilson Ford in Canton, NC use a modern fuel system cleaner that lubricates internal motor parts while removing contaminants.

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