Ford Extended Service Plan

Ford Extended Service Plan

There's always a risk that your vehicle will experience a mechanical breakdown. And when it does happen, the expense of the breakdown may surprise you. Vehicle repair cost increase every year and can add up fast. With the Ford Extended Service Plan you pay only a small deductible per covered repair visit. So even if your vehicle breaks down, it won't break your budget.

Flexible Options- The cost of your Ford ESP vehicle service contract can be purchased separately or easily attached to your monthly payment for just a few dollars a month. A small amount each month will help eliminate unexpected major repair cost.

Higher Resale Value- Your Ford ESP vehicle service contract can be transferred to the next owner of your vehicle for a better resale price. You can actually recapture some of the cost of your Ford ESP contract even after you've enjoyed its benefits.

Additional Protection- Ford ESP provides coverage for parts and labor cost to repair or replace major component parts.

Nationwide Acceptance- Dealerships and repair facilities across the United States and Canada will honor your Ford ESP vehicle service contract. With Ford ESP, you can have your vehicle repaired in your hometown or while you're away from home with nationwide acceptance.

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